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UAS Survey Leaders

United Against Slavery (UAS) joined subject matter experts from across the globe and UAS hosted the 2016 Pilot Study, which had survey respondents representing 47 states and 70 countries. This Pilot Study brought together trafficking survivors, organization leaders, and other frontline stakeholder groups, including concerned citizens throughout the United States and abroad to allow everyone's voice to be heard through a secure, online survey.

We appreciate the diversity of our UAS Survey Leaders to include lived-experience experts of all forms of human trafficking and additional subject matter experts of different races, genders, religions, and political affiliations. Every leader has their own journey. Their own story to tell. We are honored and inspired to let their voices be heard as they shared successes and challenges identified on their frontlines.

" Every leader has their own journey. Their own story to tell."

We all have the choice on whether we will unify and rise up to collaboratively problem-solve each of the issues identified and documented through the global National Outreach Survey (NOS).​ We appreciate their willingness to use their expertise and passion to impact change. You will see their name and the stakeholder group that they contributed survey questions towards. The Survey Leaders are not listed in any particular order and some SME's have requested to remain anonymous. We appreciate the efforts of every contributor!

We have over 50 leaders from 22 countries that used their voice!

UAS Survey Leaders


Kimberly Benson

Survivor Leader,  Executive Director
Kimberly Benson Consulting

UAS Survey Leader for
​Sex Trafficking Survivors Questions


Agnes Igoye

Survivor Leader,
National Deputy Coordinator
for Prevention of Trafficking
in Persons in Uganda

UAS Survey Leader​ for
​Uganda Survey Questions


Harold D'Souza

Survivor Leader, Co-Founder
Eyes Open International
United States and India

UAS Survey Leader for
Labor Trafficking & Male Survivors Questions


Megan Lundstrom

Survivor Leader, Co-Founder and Director of Research at The Avery Center

UAS Survey Leader for
Sex Trafficking & Financial Appropriations Questions


Athena Mobert

Survivor Leader, Executive Director
CPTSD Foundation

UAS Survey Leader​ for
​Sex Trafficking Survivors & Other Abuse Questions

Charles Wratto.jpg

Charles Wratto

Former Child Soldier Survivor Leader,
Research Scientist in Romania

UAS Survey Leader for 
Former Child Soldiers Questions


Charlie Quinn Tebow

Survivor Leader, Founder and CEO
Youth Trust Project

UAS Survey Leader for
Sex Trafficking Survivors & LGBTQ+ Questions


Florida DeVaul-Dudley

Survivor Leader, Founder & Executive Director
Shining Light in Darkness

UAS Survey Leader for
Other Abuse Survivors, Nonprofit Leaders & Law Enforcement Questions


Ronny Marty

Survivor Leader, Advisory Council on Human Trafficking
United States and Dominican Republic

UAS Survey Leader for
Labor Trafficking Questions


Awah Francisca Mbuli

Survivor Leader, Survivors Network

UAS Survey Leader for UAS Survey Leader for
Sex Trafficking, Domestic Servitude & Organ Trafficking Questions


Kelly Dore

Survivor Leader, Executive Director
National Human Trafficking Survivor Coalition

UAS Survey Leader for
All Stakeholder Questions


Kathy Jones

Child Abuse Survivor Leader

UAS Survey Leader for
Former Foster Youth Questions


Shandra Woworuntu

Survivor Leader, Executive Director
Mentari USA
​United States and Indonesia

UAS Survey Leader for 
All Stakeholder Questions


Jessa Crisp

Survivor Leader,
Co-Founder and Executive Director

UAS Survey Leader for
All Stakeholder Questions


Ricky Richard Anywar

Former Child Soldier Survivor Leader, Founder of Friends of Orphans
​Northern Uganda

UAS Survey Leader for 
Former Child Soldiers & War Affected Community Questions


Melissa Snow

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

UAS Survey Leader for
Domestic Minor Sexual Exploitation Questions


Sara Crowe

Polaris Project

UAS Survey Leader for
All Stakeholder Questions

Shared Hope.png

Samantha Vardaman

Shared Hope International

UAS Survey Leader for
All Stakeholder Questions

Airline Ambassador Intl Logo rsz.jpg

Nancy Rivard

Airline Ambassador's International

UAS Survey Leader for
Air ​Transportation Questions


Anna Rodriguez

Florida Coalition Against 
​Human Trafficking

UAS Survey Leader for
All Stakeholder Questions

John Vanek.jpg

John Vanek

Lt. (Ret.) San Jose Police Human Trafficking Task Force

UAS Survey Leader for
Law Enforcement Questions


Thobeka F. Gigaba

Human Rights Activist
South Africa

UAS Survey Leader for
Gender-Based Violence


Sandra Morgan

Global Center for Women and Justice 

UAS Survey Leader for
​Anti-Trafficking International Organization Questions

HTITI Logo rsz.jpg

Greg H. Bristol

Human Trafficking Investigations & Training Institute

UAS Survey Leader for
​Law Enforcement Questions

Katia ICMEC Logo.png

Katia Dantas

International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children

UAS Survey Leader for
International Anti-Trafficking ​Organization Questions

Perla Flores Org.jpg

Perla Flores

Community Solutions

UAS Survey Leader for
Policy & Procedures Questions


Ryan Dalton

Rescue Forensics

UAS Survey Leader
Law Enforcement Questions


Darlene Bradley

Former Special Agent with Homeland Security

UAS Survey Leader
Law Enforcement and Labor Trafficking Questions


Petros Aghababyan

Head of Asylum Issues Division, State Migration Service of Armenia

UAS Survey Leader for
​Migration & Asylum Seekers Questions


Dr. Judy Ho

Judy Ho, Ph.D., ABPP

UAS Survey Leader for
​Media Questions


Danny Amos

Human Trafficking Legal Network

UAS Survey Leader for
​Attorney Questions


Abida Ada Pehlic'

New Road Association

UAS Survey Leader for
Child Brides, Forced Marriages,
Migration and Refugee Questions


Deborah Quigley

Cause Vision - Outreach Consultant

UAS Survey Leader for
​Air Transportation Questions


Sani Dantuni Bello

Freedom for Life Initiative

UAS Survey Leader for
Child Labor, Migration, and Domestic Servitude Questions


Wissam Doudar

Health Manager and Consultant
​Lebanon & Middle East

UAS Survey Leader for
​International NGO's and Refugee Questions


Erik Bauer

The Law Office of Erik L. Bauer

UAS Survey Leader for 
Attorney Questions

Cara A. Gardner, Esq

Amara Legal Center

UAS Survey Leader for
​Attorney Questions


Dr. Kimberly Mehlman-Orozco

Research Scientist and Expert Witness in Civil and Criminal Courts

UAS Survey Leader​ for
All Stakeholder Questions


Maha Yassine

Vital Voices Global Partnership
Middle East and North Africa

UAS Survey Leader for
Gender-Based Violence


Brittany Conklin

Civil Lawyers Against World Sex Slavery

UAS Survey Leader for 
Attorney Questions


Racha Haffar

Not 4 Trade

UAS Survey Leader for
​International Nonprofit & Task Force Development Questions


Diane Dimond

Award Winning Investigative Journalist

UAS Survey Leader for 
Media Questions


Lacy Tolar

Rescue 1 Global

UAS Survey Leader for 
Safe Houses & Organization Leader Questions


Benjamin Thomas Greer

CA Governor's Office of Emergency Managment - CSTI Criminal Justice / Homeland Security Division

UAS Survey Leader for
Criminal Restitution, Native Americans & Government Officials Questions


Bill Woolf

Retired Detective, Executive Director of Just Ask 

UAS Survey Leader for
Law Enforcement, Labor Trafficking, Educators & Policy & Procedure Questions


Ian Bradbury

Former Military & Counter-Terrorism Advisor, ​CEO of 1st New Allied Expeditionary Force 

UAS Survey Leader for Young Males Impacted by War Questions


Patrick Taran

President of Global Migration Policy Associates

UAS Survey Leader for Migration and Refugee Questions


Udum Chizindu

Global Goodwill Ambassador

UAS Survey Leader for
Local Economic Development Questions


Renee Bourque

Program Manager for the Tribal Resource Tool
National Center for Victims of Crime

UAS Survey Leader for
Tribal Nations and Indian Country


Dunja Bonacci Skenderovic'

External Evaluator and Consultant

UAS Survey Leader for
​Grant Development & Sexual Harrassment SOP Questions


Dharmesh Thakkar

Crisis Management Consultant and Communications Professional

UAS Survey Leader for
​Crisis Management Questions


Laura Vidal

Social Worker and 2016 Churchill Fellow

UAS Survey Leader for
​Forced Marriage and Gender Inequality Questions


Dr. Amy Bacharach

Senior Research Analyst

UAS Survey Leader for
Government and Judicial Questions


Casey Swegman

Forced Marriage Initiative Project Manager
Tahirih Justice Center

UAS Survey Leader for
Forced Marriage and Gender Inequality Questions


Laurie Tannous

International Business and Immigration Attorney
LT Management Inc.

UAS Survey Leader for
Immigration Attorneys and Policy Makers


Chelsea Andrews

Health Systems Strategist

UAS Survey Leader for
Healthcare Protocols Questions


Joseph Scaramucci

Detective, Human Trafficking
McLennan County Sheriff's Office

UAS Survey Leader for
Prosecutions, Demand, HT Training Questions

Mary Bonnett

Her Story Theater

UAS Survey Leader for
Stakeholder Education Methods


Elizabeth Shultz

Research and Development
Free International

UAS Survey Leader for
Credentialing, Medical, and Law Enforcement Questions

Mary Bonnet HST Logo.jpg

Christi Wigle

Co-Founder and CEO

United Against Slavery

UAS Survey Leader for
​All Stakeholder Questions

To our Undisclosed Survey Leaders...

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