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“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.  To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” 
R. Buckminster Fuller

Our Mission

United Against Slavery (UAS) collects and disseminates recurring comprehensive frontline data to identify and document unresolved challenges and successes that impact more than 20 stakeholder groups; to combat human trafficking, to help victims and survivors of sex and labor trafficking, and to help those who work on their behalf. 

All activities of United Against Slavery support facilitating resources to equip and empower survivors of all forms of human trafficking and to the stakeholder groups that work on their behalf.

We want to provide a place for freedom, unity, and accountability that will better serve all victims of human trafficking in the U.S. and abroad. 

United Against Slavery is built by stakeholders on behalf of stakeholders. 

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Our Values

We encourage survivor involvement throughout United Against Slavery growth.
We believe those affected most by the enslavement of men, women and children should have an open forum to discuss issues affecting all forms of trafficking and efforts to combat trafficking. We are committed to working with and alongside survivors throughout United Against Slavery endeavors. 

We are dedicated to lead by example.
We know there will be many successes and failures as we each pursue strategies to eradicate trafficking and offer solutions to provide more resources for survivors. We are committed to share the successes, take responsibility for the failures with humility, stay the course to fight against trafficking and empower those impacted by this fight.  We believe #itstartswithme is a foundation principle that we will strive to uphold.

We believe in the freedom of speech.
We create a place to discuss challenging issues that impact those working to eradicate trafficking. We live in a time where expressing opinions about issues is often met with acts of violence and hate. We believe that love and unity has a greater impact than hate. We are committed to providing a safe place to share ideas and develop new strategies to challenging issues affecting anti-trafficking efforts. In this, we hope to embrace the voice of “We the People” once again.

We embrace diversity not division.
We truly believe that “No matter what issues separate us in the world’s view, anti-trafficking is one area where we can stand united to be a light for those trapped in darkness.” There are many political, social, and religious issues that we may not agree upon but we are confident that embracing unity in this fight increases our ability to take action and impact change in the fight against this modern day form of slavery. We believe that a house divided against itself cannot prosper and it is time to pursue unity and diversity, not division.

We believe in the power of collaborative teamwork.
We focus on the power of many. We each bring different influences, skills and solutions. We are convinced that collaborative teamwork that embraces a level of trust, humility, respect, transparency, accountability, integrity, communication and a commitment to a common goal will enable us to create a national milestone towards change. This requires expanding partnerships to include more businesses and individuals who will use their skills and resources to help meet the increased demands of providing direct victim services. We each have the power to use our voice to impact change…men, women and children’s lives are dependent upon it.

We are committed to pursue excellence in all things. 
We understand that none of us are perfect but we believe that we have an obligation to lead with excellence in all aspects of United Against Slavery. This allows each of us to have the greatest impact as we stand with each of our partners to fight for those still enslaved and provide a safe place to empower all trafficking survivors with increased resources and support.

We provide a place for multi-faith involvement. 
We understand that not everyone declares a faith, while others consider it the foundation to build everything else upon. In our efforts to address anti-trafficking efforts on a national and international scale, we are including a multi-faith outreach that allows for continued prayer covering and practical ways for participants to raise awareness about trafficking within their faith outreach. 

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We are headquartered in the United States.
​Future plans include expanding offices into other countries.

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