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National Outreach Survey 
Quick Facts

Who are we?  

United Against Slavery (UAS) is a collaborative research and data collection organization that will identify and document unresolved challenges for more than 20 anti-trafficking stakeholder groups serving on the front lines in any capacity. We are focused on collecting stakeholder data, to be shared among stakeholders, that will equip and empower stakeholders. At UAS, our team has collectively served in leadership and survivor advocacy for decades on behalf of sex and labor trafficking survivors. Our bottom line is to see human trafficking victims freed from exploitation, ensure survivors have much needed resources, and make sure stakeholders are properly equipped to provide services and support to those survivors.

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Why are we focused on research?  

Billions of dollars have been spent globally to combat human trafficking but many trafficking survivors still do not have even basic resources once they have been freed from enslavement. In order to provide those resources, we need to stop and ask those on the front-lines about what is and isn’t working and identify any gaps in services. We do this by introducing the first-ever National Outreach Survey (NOS), where every adult can participate…including concerned citizens such as yourself. 

Some of the unresolved challenges include lack of funds, outdated statistics, lack of best practices and standards, and division among leaders. As we consider those lingering challenges, most of us would agree that they may be slowing down progress in the fight against all forms of human trafficking. Challenges vary among different stakeholder groups and vary greatly in different countries. The NOS will allow stakeholders in all participating countries to see a different perspective of those challenges impacting other groups. As humans, we tend to judge each other through the lens of our own life journeys. It's time for us to see through the lens of other stakeholders so that we can unify by addressing these challenges together. The results of the NOS will also provide much-needed data to allow each of us to choose to implement positive change in a movement that has become highly divisive, leaving negative impacts on those we are here to serve, sex and labor trafficking survivors.

What will we accomplish? 

  • Host the international National Outreach Survey for thousands of participants and provide hundreds of new data points from more than 20 anti-trafficking stakeholder groups. Over 800 survey questions will be included on the large-scale NOS, with each stakeholder group being asked a smaller number of questions. The NOS will utilize skip logic to ensure that respondents are only asked questions relevant to their group.

  • The NOS will be hosted on the Qualtrics survey platform that allows up to 75 language translations for the survey instrument to be available to international stakeholders.

  • Create an Appropriations Committee to help determine the true cost to combat trafficking on the front-lines in the United States.

  • Release 50 Governor State Reports on Human Trafficking (GSR), in addition to a National Governor State Report on Human Trafficking, a Global Report on Human Trafficking, and an Appropriations Report. Each state will receive a custom GSR report with the data collected from participating stakeholders in their state. 

  • Launch a web-based open-source data base to share our data with the public-at-large and allow researchers to further disseminate the NOS data.

  • Provide our data reports to Congress to seek new legislation and provide more resources to every state.

  • Provide our data reports to a global entity that will use our research to hopefully raise hundreds of millions of dollars for safe houses and shelters around the globe.

  • Repeat the National Outreach Survey every two years to measure benchmarks and ongoing challenges and successes experienced by international anti-trafficking stakeholders.

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Numbers in Action

UAS is passionate about collaborative teamwork, which allows all of us to accomplish more than we could have accomplished alone. It has taken a lot of partners working together to address so many unresolved challenges in the anti-trafficking movement. Each person is more than just a statistic, they represent hard work, passion, and skills to combat this horrific crime. The culmination of all that we have accomplished in Phase One and all that we seek to accomplish in Phase Two and beyond is due to the following collaborations:

  • 31 national anti-trafficking experts, including 15 survivors contributed survey questions in our 2016 Pilot Study, and many were recognized as UAS Survey Leaders 

  • 36 sex and labor trafficking Survivor Leaders are members of our Survivor Leaders Connect group

  • 9 UAS Foundation and Advisory Team Members

  • 50+ Subject Matter Experts from 22 countries serve as UAS Survey Leaders

  • 4 Account Managers and 5 Project Managers

  • 21 Scholars, Practitioners and Subject Matter Experts writing the core analysis of our NOS reports

  • 50 Practitioner Authors writing supplemental essays for our NOS reports

  • 10+ Universities from across the globe will be represented from the PhDs and Subject Matter Experts contributing to our reports

  • Growing number of PhD and Masters University Students that will contribute to our research and data analysis as we engage the next generation on human rights matters

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