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"Take the first step in faith. You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step." Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Will the National Outreach Survey be open to the general public to participate?
    Absolutely yes! Having public opinion is vital in this fight. Concerned citizens are the eyes and ears on the ground that help spread the word about trafficking and can help identify potential trafficking victims. In addition, citizens regularly donate to anti-trafficking organizations and there are continued requests for transparency so donors are better educated about the services provided by those organizations. It is absolutely vital that we include public opinion and our hope is that we will have participation in our National Outreach Survey in every state and every zip code. We believe concerned citizens will make up the largest group of participants. If you ever wanted to help make a difference in the fight against trafficking, here is a practical way you can do so.
  • Why is there a need for United Against Slavery?
    United Against Slavery is different from any other anti-trafficking effort because our focus is on data collection among anti-trafficking stakeholders. Our survivor - informed research and data collection is unique because we’re focused on frontline workers’ experiences, knowledge, and perceived challenges to help develop recommendations to improve counter-trafficking efforts. This will open the door for everyone to identify and document challenging issues affecting the anti-trafficking movement and provide a collaborative environment to take action and impact lasting change. Most of us agree that there needs to be more oversight and significant changes among the stakeholders in this fight. We believe if everyone has the opportunity to use their voice to impact change, then it truly will be “We the People” implementing those changes.
  • Are trafficking survivors involved in United Against Slavery development?
    Yes! We have trafficking survivors involved throughout our entire process. We believe survivor-led leadership and ongoing input are an integral part of this monumental effort to provide insight on how these challenges and solutions impact those most affected by this modern day form of slavery. We also created "Survivor Leaders Connect" to allow survivor leaders across the United States to provide leadership, recommendations, and feedback on all aspects of our work.
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