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United Against Slavery is committed to fighting for every man, woman, boy, and girl that has been exploited through all forms of human trafficking. We know the importance of collaboratively problem solving the challenges facing the anti-trafficking movement. Even as UAS engages all the main anti-trafficking stakeholder groups to rise up and use their voices in our upcoming National Outreach Survey, we are committed to making sure the voices of Survivors and Survivor Leaders are heard loud and clear; however, we are not here to speak on their behalf. They already have a voice and we must stop and listen. We join many organizations that show the value and importance of equipping and empowering Survivors and Survivor Leaders.

United Against Slavery created the "Survivor Leaders Connect" members group to allow open communication between Survivor Leaders and our Foundation Leadership Team as we implement new growth strategies. We are passionate about collaborative teamwork and know that bringing together a Survivor Leader Community to help us work on our national and global endeavors is paramount to us achieving historic change in the fight against sex and labor trafficking. We believe that the data collected from our upcoming National Outreach Survey has the potential to significantly impact the entire anti-trafficking movement and it is vital to include Survivor's input and leadership throughout our entire process. Survivors know what the Survivor Community needs most and should be a part of impacting lasting change in this movement. We understand that everyone has a busy schedule so we created this platform to allow each member to use their leadership, skill set, and influential connections as time allows them. ​We are pleased to currently have more than thirty Survivor Leaders in our "Survivor Leader Connect" community.

Contributions from members of our Survivor Leaders Connect (SLC)

  • A SLC member serves as an UAS Advisor and uses her influence and leadership to introduce key partners in our collaborative efforts.

  • Multiple SLC members co-authored a Survivor Letter that will accompany our Congressional Letter to be mailed to all members of Congress, Governors, Lieutenant Governors, PITF members, and many other national leaders and key influencers.

  • A SLC member serves as a UAS Survey Leader by contributing survey questions (for abuse survivors) that will be included on our upcoming National Outreach Survey.

  • Multiple SLC members joined other trafficking survivors by participating in the UAS Medical Symptom Pilot Study, which identified and documented lingering medical symptoms still experienced by survivors after they have been freed from enslavement. This Pilot Study represents a small sampling of six questions that will be asked on our upcoming National Outreach Survey and confirms specific survivor resources that need to be addressed by each state. 

  • Multiple SLC members provided recommendations regarding our data collection, survivor resources, and a lack of funding for Survivor Leadership.

  • SLC members are contributing to and reviewing our draft survivor survey questions for our National Outreach Survey.

  • UAS was able to connect a large ladies group to one of our SLC members so that they can help contribute to the survivor outreach gift bags each month. 

  • SLC member was appointed as the first United Against Slavery Legislative Liaison.

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