Benjamin Thomas Greer

CA Governor's Office of Emergency Managment - CSTI Criminal Justice / Homeland Security Division

UAS Survey Leader for
Criminal Restitution, Native Americans & Government Officials Questions

As a Specializing California Deputy Attorney General, Benjamin built a unique legal expertise in human trafficking. Through teamwork, they successfully conducted and executed the comprehensive report for the California Attorney General entitled, “The State of Human Trafficking in California 2012.” Along with the report, they delivered a comprehensive analysis of California’s anti-trafficking response from the investigation and prosecution phase to its restorative justice network to the Attorney General.

​​Benjamin has published numerous American Law Review and International Journal articles and has presented the articles in 7 counties. He is a federally recognized training expert by the Office for Victims of Crime (OVC - TTAC) Training & Technical Assistance Center and Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA - NTAC) Training and Technical Assistance Center.

He has helped California draft and negotiate Memorandum of Understandings (MOU) with the Mexican Government, draft and lobby anti-trafficking legislation (both domestically and internationally) and play a prominent role as Contributing/Advisory Board member on two International Peer Reviewed anti-trafficking Journals.

As an anti-trafficking consultant, his expertise primarily lays in legal analysis and how Governments can enhance anti-trafficking laws to protect vulnerable populations, identify survivors, and prosecute traffickers. His team has improved asset forfeiture laws to effectively dismantle trafficking networks; educated courts and prosecuting agencies on the unique challenges of calculating restitution; and edified practitioners on legal requirements for survivors suffering from mental health trauma.

Their recent focus has been supply chain transparency, application of sexually violent predator laws and tribal law enforcement prosecution of trafficking. Their team of advisors and subject matter experts have a rich background in law enforcement investigations/trainings, law enforcement analysis, counter-terrorism strategic planning and human trafficking prosecutions.

Some areas of focus that Benjamin’s team contributes to includes:
• Demystify CA’s supply chain transparency law; provide guidance for best practices
• Develop strategies to identify/prevent trafficking for businesses, counties/cities, hotels or common carriers (airlines, taxi cab services, rail and bus)
• Create customized manuals, intake/interview questionnaires and other first identifier materials
• Conduct issue directed research, legislative white papers or governmental reports
• Advise task force and coalitions on how to build a successful platform
• Draft and/or analyze legislation
• Assist the development legislative/law enforcement action plans
• Develop public awareness campaigns
• Design/perform trainings for law enforcement, NGOs, attorneys, and first identifiers

• Univ. of AZ’s Indigenous People Law & Policy Programs Ph.D. Project, "By Force or By Choice: Exploring Contemporary Targeted Trafficking of Native Peoples"
• Coalition to Abolish Slavery & Trafficking (CAST)
• United Kingdom’s Home Office, Modern Slavery Unit, Crime and Policing Group

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