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“When obstacles arise, you change your direction to reach your goal,
you do not change your goal to get there.” Zig Ziglar

United Against Slavery (UAS) is committed to providing a platform to address challenging issues affecting the anti-trafficking movement that allows everyone to have a voice to impact change in this fight. Through collaborative teamwork, we desire every topic to be discussed that would enable us to unify for a cause greater than anyone of us could combat alone. Every voice should be heard. 

Recognizing Growth

We live in a time where discussions about human trafficking are more common than even a few years ago. Significant progress has been made to combat sex and labor trafficking and domestic servitude through raising awareness, increased trainings, and a commitment to collaborative teamwork. More victims are being freed from enslavement. More survivors are being empowered in their healing journey. And more states are adding new laws to prosecute traffickers and men and women who pay for sex.

Polaris Project and Shared Hope shed light on the progress made across the United States on state laws that were passed to combat trafficking. You can review a full breakdown of progress being made here:

Polaris Project State Ratings 

Shared Hope Protected Innocence Challenge 

Addressing Current Challenges

With any social cause that experiences significant growth, challenges can arise that adversely affect those impacted the most if left unaddressed. It should be unacceptable to all of us to witness survivors lacking the proper resources to empower them during their healing journey. As we discuss hard issues, we should be willing to respect the difference of opinions and embrace diversity and unity instead of fueling division. Social media serves as a more vocal platform where Facebook posts or Twitter Tweets discuss some of the growing challenges within the anti-trafficking movement. Many are already using their voices to identify these challenges as they share their discontent for the problems that are preventing significant breakthrough to providing direct victim services to those who are no longer enslaved by this modern day form of slavery. 

Each challenge will continue to have a negative impact on anti-trafficking efforts unless we commit to set aside differences and stand united to be a light for those trapped in darkness. To do that, we believe there are several major issues that need to be addressed. There are many more challenges facing the movement but we believe this is a start.

Unresolved Challenges


Statistics have been used to analyze big data throughout many centuries. Individuals and companies alike rely upon statistics to understand large and complex sets of data and help us assess the significance of the data and the conclusions that are drawn from them.  LEARN MORE


Human trafficking is one of the top three money making criminal activities in the world. Potentially billions of dollars are made on the exploitation of innocent men, women, boys, and girls. At the center of this business model is greed, power, control and it is fueled by financial gain at any cost.  LEARN MORE


Human trafficking has been a long standing global issue. It has only been since the late 1990's that the United Nations established an anti-trafficking protocol and the United States passed the Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act in 2000. Over the past decade and a half, the issue has become more publicized and we have seen a dramatic increase in efforts to educate, prevent, intervene, rescue and provide restorative services to victims of human trafficking.   LEARN MORE


There is no denying the strength that anti-trafficking leaders provide to all those affected by this crime. Truly, without committed leaders and collaborative teamwork, local, state and federal anti-trafficking efforts would not be where they are today.  LEARN MORE

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