Christine McDonald

Christine McDonald

Member of the Survivor Leader Advisory Council for the 2021 National Outreach Survey for Transportation

Internationally recognized Author, Speaker, Consultant
Christine's Vision

Christine Clarity McDonald is a member of the Survivor Leader Advisory Council and a Policy Working Group member for the National Outreach Survey for Transportation, under the USDOT Combating Human Trafficking in Transportation Impact Award.​

Christine is an internationally recognized author, speaker, and consultant known for her unique ability to construct conversations and ignite change for under-served and marginalized populations.
Christine experienced two decades of homelessness, addiction, human trafficking, commercial sexual exploitation, 103 arrests and 7 prison stints. After nearly taking a life at gun point, Christine knew that if she did not find a way out she would become the very evil she had experienced over the years. Attempting to find her way out would take her on a journey that, although different, would be equally challenging as she fought to find her place in life.

Christine was left totally blind after choosing the life of her unborn child over medication that would have saved her eye sight but ultimately cause harm to her child. Eternally vigilant, Christine uses her lived experience as a tool to break stigmas, construct conversations for change and allow the outsiders looking in to see beneath the surface to the humanity of the hurting all around us and the challenges they face.

Christine received numerous honors and awards as she overcame her past and has claimed her place today as a change-maker. Her awards and recognition include the 2009 Inspiring Change honor, the 2010 Ex-Offender of the Year award from the Kansas City Crime Commission and The Second Chance Foundation, the 2014 Missouri Abolitionist of the Year award and the 2015 Missouri Champion from the Missouri Mental Health Foundation for her work for those in recovery. She was commissioned to the Attorney General Human Trafficking Task Force. Her award winning expertise has been sought after by numerous local and national media outlets.

Christine is an expert on a wide variety of topics. She has:
Consulted with Dignity Healthcare to better identify human trafficking victims in the national health care system
Trained at Washington University's Goldfarb School of Nursing
Trained local, state and federal law enforcement on the complexities around human trafficking and providing a victim centered response
Educated and worked alongside decision makers in the judiciary system to bridge the understanding of symptomatic charges around human trafficking and commercial sex exploitation
Consulted with substance abuse programs and facilities to help them better understand human trafficking, commercial sexual exploitation, the role addiction plays and the harms involved in those environments and the challenges of self identifying as a "victim" versus a "prostitute"
Engaged communities and faith communities about the humans behind criminal behavior, substance abuse and prostitution
Worked to address barriers and bridge gaps for formerly incarcerated persons through education, consultation and policy change
Given back to communities by offering individuals in centers, programs, jails and prisons tools to navigate services when they face barriers and encouraged them to find their voice and seek their own path to success
Engaged professionals working with formerly incarcerated persons and individuals with disabilities about leaving the labels behind and seeing each individual's path to the present moment and educated them on how to "light a spark of hope" versus "stomping out an ember" in their life

Christine has presented over 150 Keynote speeches, facilitated 50 workshops, given 50 testimonies on legislative floors and shared more than 100 inspirational and faith presentations. Her lived experience, coupled with her entertaining and educational training abilities, provide her the perfect insight to help others see beneath the surface of our society's other wise 'invisible' populations.

With her down to earth story-telling-style of presenting, she will make you laugh, she will make you cry and she just might change your heart forever.