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Kelly Dore

Kelly Dore

Senior Survivor Leader Advisor

Executive Director of the National Human Trafficking Survivor Coalition​​
​Former UAS Legislative Liaison

Kelly owns a counseling practice, is a businesswoman, and a former Legislator from Colorado who has worked extensively in the field of human trafficking and uses her life experiences to create awareness, educate communities, track legislation, and help create new laws to support victims of human trafficking.

She has sat on many boards on state and national Levels and is heavily involved in educating lawmakers and raising money for various non-profits for human trafficking. In 2014, she was appointed to sit on the National Human Trafficking Board for Elected Officials has worked with both the Obama and Trump administrations and elected officials to help them understand the implications of human trafficking on a National Level. She has worked extensively on State and Federal Legislation to educate and advocate on behalf of minor victims for best policy. Kelly is also our former UAS Legislative Liaison and served in this position during 2018-2019.

She is a survivor of familial trafficking from ages 1-14 and testified against her trafficker when she was 16. Kelly recently formed the National Human Trafficking Survivor Coalition with other professional survivors to help advocate, educate, and raise awareness to the degree of sex and labor trafficking in Colorado and throughout the nation. This coalition works to bring all the victim advocacy groups in the state together with the community to help empower survivors to become who they want to become and to assist organizations with survivor informed care and advocate to businesses to help support them.

She will continue to play a key role for various national groups, faith-based organizations and the White House to fight to end modern day slavery. She is also an Ambassador for Shared Hope International and has written a familial trafficking Identification guide for medical professionals and educators. Kelly is married to Tim and the mother to 4 children, as well as has a ministry called Loving Her, which aims to support spouses and children of trafficked and domestic violence survivors.

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