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Now is the Time for Positive Change in the Global Anti-trafficking Movement!

Because Survivors Deserve Better!

United Against Slavery was awarded the first-ever
USDOT Combating Human Trafficking in Transportation Impact Award.

Under this award, we are pleased to launch the
2021 National Outreach Survey for Transportation (NOST)
(with International IRB Approval -- to be held every two years)

COUNTDOWN until the survey ends on Nov. 26, 2021 for
Global Victim Service Providers and Labor and/or Sex Trafficking Survivors

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Please share this webpage or individual links below with global stakeholders.

Click below to access the survey.

Service Providers Include

Anti-Trafficking Nonprofits

Law Enforcement

Task Forces

Government Offices

Healthcare Providers

Tribal Government

Social Workers

Campus/Education  Groups




Survivors Include

All forms of human trafficking


Service Providers & Survivors
(English language)

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Time Commitment:

Up to 30 minutes or more

Collaborating with

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Service Providers: Please include administrative staff who are familiar with operations to complete the survey along with other staff members. 

Service Providers & Survivors: The questions are separated into different sections & you can select which sections to complete.

NOST Survey Links

Learn more about why change is needed.


Take the global online survey on most devices.



If you receive multiple invitations to participate, please complete the survey only once.

Let's not just talk about the progress, let's problem-solve the challenges too.
Any of This Sound Familiar? It's time for real talk.

For Victim Service Providers

--> Never enough operational funds

--> Need more transportation for clients and organization

--> Collaboration is limited at times

--> Lack of accountability & transparency

--> Leaders still serving with little to no salary

--> Some organizations get most of the grants

--> Duplication of efforts

--> Lack of oversight for service providers

--> 60+ hour work weeks

--> Lack of reliable, updated, & accessible data

--> Division thrives in this movement

--> Mental health concerns needs to be addressed better

For Labor and/or Sex Trafficking Survivors

--> Never enough access to resources

--> Need reliable transportation

--> Don't trust the anti-trafficking community as a whole

--> Lack of opportunities to rebuild my life

--> Privacy concerns among allies & other survivors

--> Cannot access resources until a police report is filed

--> Don't get paid for sharing about my lived experience

--> Not treated professionally when advising

--> Medical care & disability benefits are hard to access

--> PTSD & CPTSD symptoms are unbearable at times

--> Prior police record prevents beginning a normal life

--> Mental health concerns needs to be address better

For those who serve in the anti-trafficking community, it is time that we share, in a confidential way, about what is and is not working, and then unite together to bring about real change...together.


"Unity is one of our greatest weapons against this crime. Division slows down progress."

Christi Wigle, CEO and Co-Founder of United Against Slavery

Please share.
The NOST will be open until November 26,  2021.

Let Your Voice Be Heard (loudly, but anonymously)!

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